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Mad City Vettes located in the Madison WI area consists of a group of Corvette Enthusiasts who have a common interest in participating in events around the Corvette. Events include car shows, parades, charity functions, road cruises, road rallyes, caravans and many other fun events. This is a car club established to promote the Corvette and have fun!!!

We have members of various ages, backgrounds, singles, couples, those who know everything about Corvettes and those who just love to drive Corvettes with their friends. Members’ Corvettes range from those driven daily to work and others that are show cars. We welcome you to the club and invite you to visit us during one of our many events. See the list of upcoming events and feel free to join us.  Monthly club meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  See Event Calendar for details.

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General Club Membership Meetings

Club Membership meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Fitchburg Community Center 5510 Lacy Road in Fitchburg, WI  53711. 
Guests are always welcome!

Please watch the 
UPCOMING EVENTS and the Event Calendar for any updated meeting details.
The August 2024 Meeting will take place at the Club Picnic.
The December 2024 Meeting will take place at the Club Holiday Party.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Men's & Ladies' Night Out 

Hosted by different MCV Members through the year, Men's and Ladies' Night Out is typically held on the Second Tuesday evening each month. Members gather at a Restaurant in the area chosen by the Hosts to enjoy a meal and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Quite often the Ladies sit together and the Men sit together in different areas of the restaurant. Each Member pays for their own meal and cocktails/beverages. All Members and Non-Members are welcome. Watch UPCOMING EVENTS and the Event Calendar for dates and additional details as they become known. On Line sign-up is highly recommended as a help for the Hosts.


MCV gives thanks to Symdon Chevrolet of Evansville, WI

On the left is Ron Frank, MCV Vice-President, and on the right is Tim Wood, MCV President.  Tim and Ron presented Ryan Symdon with an appreciation plaque thanking Symdon Chevrolet of Evansville, WI for their continued financial support of our club.


Midwest Region 2023 Points Champions 

At the Midwest Region (MWR) Awards Banquet on April 6, 2024,  Mad City Vettes (MCV) received recognition as the MWR Club Points Champion for the 2023 Competition Season. MCV placed 1st out of 26 Regional Clubs.  As President, Eric Solberg shared with those in attendance the history and other information about MCV. He thanked all of the MCV Members that also worked and/or competed that did not earn enough points to earn an award and those MCV Members that came to watch and give their support. Every 2023 Active MCV Member will receive a 2023 Regional Club Champion patch from the National Council of Corvette Clubs.

A total of 20 MCV Members were also recognized for their individual points achievements during the 2023 Competition Season.
Tim Wood ~ MWR Men's 2023 Points Champion.  Congrats, Tim!

                       Tim was also recognized as the MWR Men's 2023 Autocross Champion.
       Tim is also the 2022 Men's Points Champion.

There were 234 MWR Men Competitors. Four additional MCV Men placed in the Top 25.
   4th ~ Ron Frank
th ~ Jim Williams
 19th ~ John King

 20th ~ Paul Driftmier

There were 134 MWR Lady Competitors. Five MCV Ladies placed in the Top 25.
  3rd ~ Joyce Miller

  7th ~ Joan Thomas
12th ~ Robyn Wood
19th ~ Debbie Howard
20th ~ Cathy Driftmier

Robyn Wood ~ MWR Workers' 2023 Points Champion. Congrats, Robyn!
                           Robyn is also the 2021 and 2022 Workers' Champion.

There were 210 MWR Workers.   Nine additional MCV Members placed in the Top 25.
   4th ~ Ron Kuhn
12th ~ Eric Solberg
   6th ~ Jack Howard 14th ~ Jack Hart
   7th ~ Debby Howard 20th ~ Tom Urdiales
   8th ~ Gene Post 25th ~ Brenda Zarth
   9th ~ Cathy Driftmier

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